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'Twas the nightshift before COVIDmas

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas, unlike the ones I've ever known. Yep, hospital getting slammed at the moment. We're doing our best. Tip of my Santa hat to everyone working over the Holiday Season, especially those of you keeping the world turning. I'm no motivational speaker or positivity YouTuber, so let's just all agree to ignore 2020 AND NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN and put all our eggs into 2021's basket. 2021 won't let us down, it will definitely be fantastic and absolutely won't disappoint or leave us in utter emotional ruin*. Thank you for watching, subscribing, commenting, agreeing to sell your corneas to appease the algorithm. Uncharacteristic genuine and warm wishes from everyone at the Medlife Crisis team. ie just me. Ho ho ho! Medlife Christmas! Medlife Christmas! Ho ho ho! Now I have a machine gun! *not legally binding Oh if you're wondering what that mesmerising linear white glow that seems to radiate off my head is, it's just my sanity escaping into the ether. Or some weird interference pattern, I dunno. A Christmas miracle!

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