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A history of the heart told in four chambers (keynote lecture)

This is a talk I gave to the medical students at Melbourne University Medical School, about the history of the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery. I broke it into four chapters, just as the heart has four chambers. Not my usual type of video but as it wasn't a live talk, due to the time difference, I had a copy pre-recorded and figured I might as well share it.

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29 de jul. de 2021

I found the speech interesting. Two questions 1) you talked about the “Coated” stents. Is there a time limit on how long that coating lasts? 2) you used to hear of heart and lung transplants happening as a pair. I presume this is because it was easier. Is this still the case or do they do them separately and i guess double the potential recipients?

Thanks (Sorry to hear about your parabollocks, must be painful).

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