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The Strange Science of ASMR

What is ASMR? Is it real? Why do only some people get affected?

One day I was looking up medical videos and before I knew it I was tumbling down a tingly rabbit hole into the fascinating world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

Huge thanks to Dr Giulia Poerio of the University of Essex and @Dr James Gill, GP and Warwick Medical School Lecturer. Go subscribe to James's channel!

Giulia is looking for volunteers! Do you want to help ASMR research? Full website coming soon, but some info about it here: If you're interested and think you have something to offer, drop Giulia an email (address at the end of the vid in the link).


Giulia's main study -

Review from Giulia and colleagues -

One of the early articles -

Personality traits -

ASMR University (good resource compiling information, but be aware there is no quality control)

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