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The hidden victims of COVID-19

What a clusterf*ck this virus is. Another late night, short video about an aspect of coronavirus I don't want to see forgotten. There's been a lot of talk about the deaths and illness COVID-19 causes directly.

There's been some talk about the huge economic impact it will have and the resultant health complications that will have, especially in countries where health insurance is linked to employment. But what I haven't heard discussed as much are the indirect medical effects of hospitals that can't cope, of collateral damage caused by a virus tearing through populations.

An example I didn't think of for the video is that at work our operating theatres (cardiac catheter lab in my case) need to be deep-cleaned after every patient of unknown COVID status (which is all emergency admissions), creating massive delays, resulting in critical patients working.

If you're interested in learning more about mechanical complications in STEMI (by me) link is here.

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