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Rohin Francis appearing on ITV News | COVID-19

My '6 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Coronavirus' video kind of blew up so I was invited on ITV National and London News. My first experience of live TV. Scary as hell. I'll be staying on YouTube thank you very much. But the producer said it's the longest one-on-one interview they've EVER done on the show!!

I didn't say all that I wanted to, but hope I conveyed some positive messages to ensure that we all take this seriously, take major decisive action NOW and hopefully be able to return to our workplaces, schools etc soon.

Kind of surreal having a couple of clips of the channel played on TV. Richard Head, Guybrush, Zoidberg, House Vicodin poster....all there! And reacting to Scrubs like a typical YouTube doctor. Huge thank you to Dr Sally Le Page for the extra sound effects in the first recording (just kidding - thank you so much Sally for recording). Unfortunately I had to resort to recording my TV for the second one as it's not online.

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