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Keto vs vegan!

A nice study was published recently that examined low carb, ketogenic diet vs low fat, plant-based diet. Quick explainer in an exotic location.

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Mar 12, 2021

This is of course very interesting, but it's important to keep in mind that in free settings, higher fat diets seem to be just as good as high carb ones (in the range of fat/carbs that people in these free settings trials choose to eat, of course). Here's a meta-analysis on that: . I don't think the relationship between fat/carbs and fat loss is linear at all - good examples would be the BROAD study, with a very low fat diet inducing a BMI reduction of 4.4 kg m^−2 (BMI REDUCTION!), in contrast to Iris Shai's 2008 study, a large quality trial in which a diet of 40%/40% F/C (fat/carbs) induced -4.4kg weight loss, while 30%/50% F/C induced -2.9kg. Basically,…

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