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Doctor Asks: Should We Be Re-opening Schools?

This is a really complex but immensely important topic. Written and shot on 25th Feb with the most up to date evidence I can find. As a parent and as a doctor treating COVID inpatients, I've been keeping close tabs on this subject for a while and it has become increasingly fractious and polarised. I have attempted to take as neutral and as evidence-based a view as possible, but there are no black and white clear answers.

Apologies for the basic nature of the video, I spent what time I had today researching and filming, meaning there was none left to make it look fancy and you are stuck with my bookshelf as a backdrop, and a zip in my washing machine as the soundtrack.

For further reading:

Closing schools is not evidence-based and it harms children, BMJ -

A useful review for the UK -

A useful review for the USA -

Excellent summary of evidence around COVID-19 and children -

Goldacre 12 million no risk adult death -

Reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic: governments must balance the uncertainty and risks of reopening schools against the clear harms associated with prolonged closure (Ara Darzi's team) -

European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Executive Summary -

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control school reopening review -

Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden - WHO review (staff spread is more important than staff-student spread) -,%20

Japan childhood obesity -

German study about school reopening -

I will continue to update this, I just need to go to sleep now! Worked last nightshift to cover a colleague that came down with COVID - we're still a way off being out of this.

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