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COVID: Where science comes to die

Politicians have rightfully received much of the blame for the COVID carnage, but some scientists and doctors have been giving the rest of us a bad name. When confronted with a new disease, our understanding changes over time, and messages may change. That's good, that's how science should work. Don't let anyone convince you it means that science doesn't know what it's doing.

None of these problems are new. Like with everything else, COVID-19 has just exposed issues that already existed, in this case deep problems with science and scientific research.

Unfortunately, it appears my video triggered a shadowban on YouTube. Dozens and dozens of subscribers said it was not showing up in their sub feeds and even if you search for the title of the video, it does not show up in search results. @TeamYouTube on twitter never responded to me, but did reply to some subs who had asked why it's restricted and said it was flagged as misinformation, indicating that was no longer the case, but nothing seems to have changed. Bit unfortunate it didn't get many views but I'm surprisingly not that bothered by it at all really.

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asif zahoor
asif zahoor
Jun 23, 2021

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May 28, 2021

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Oct 19, 2020

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