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Check it out! I'm on Wikipedia...and I didn't even make the page myself

Utterly bizarrely, I now have my own Wikipedia page. They were even so kind as to email me to ask for a photo, which is the reason I'm making this post as they require a picture with a specific licence release, so here it is! I am not supposed to edit the wiki page myself, but if you want to go there and tell the world how I was crowned King of the Handsomes in 2008 or once saved an entire family of squirrels from a tsunami, please feel free. I'm joking. Don't vandalise Wikipedia, it is such a wonderful resource. In fact, please consider donating! I try to give a donation once a year. The volunteers that edit it are heroes, who do it all in their own time without pay...I mean, obviously. That's literally the definition of volunteering. OK, post over.

Rohin Francis presenting YouTube Educon, London 2020
Rohin Francis presenting YouTube Educon, London February 2020. This photograph was taken by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous but assigned me the rights; released under

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