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First Do No Harm

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What relevance does the Hippocratic Oath have in 2019? If doctors swear to protect their patients and alleviate suffering, how were so many complicit in the horrifying medical experiments in Nazi concentration camps? How did doctors in the Soviet Union and the USA willingly participate in torture?

I had written most of this video before discovering an old episode of my favourite medical podcast, Bedside Rounds, which dealt with a very similar topic. Adam Rodman, who hosts Bedside Rounds, very graciously had no objections to me making a video along the same lines, even though it does rather look like I copied him. Ironically, every time I listen to his wonderful podcast, I DO feel like ripping off all his ideas, but this one was just coincidence.

If you don't already know Bedside Rounds, check it out:

If you want to know more about eugenics, I cannot recommend Superior by Angela Saini (book) highly enough, which was released this year and is still winning awards with every passing month.

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