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The World's W I D E S T Tree

#teamtrees is a mass collaboration between hundreds of YouTubers, spearheaded by Mr Beast, Mark Rober, Destin Sandlin and others, to come together and do something positive. We all released tree-related videos on the same day with a view to raise money and plant 20 million trees before 2020. This was my small contribution. Visit to find out about the campaign and donate.

How do you decide what the biggest tree in the world is? Tallest? Heaviest? The Great Banyan in the Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Gardens in Kolkata, India, has the world's largest canopy by area, making it a certified W I D E B O I.

The Great Banyan has well over 3000 prop trunks, which are basically roots. The security guard, who had a gun about as old as the tree, told me that the tree is now permanently closed because jackasses kept vandalising it by carving things into the trunks. Humans, I swear. If I was a tree I'd rightfully consider us a bunch of pricks. Planting 20 million is the LEAST we can do!

Incidentally, the Botanical Gardens are named after JC Bose, one of my heroes. Find out more about him by listening to a podcast I appeared on here:

Many thanks to the #teamtrees organisers, who put in all the work behind the scenes. I'm grateful to be able to contribute.

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