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Analysing social media's use in science

Sarah Hudson is a fellow UK cardiology trainee who took it upon herself to sift through 120,000 lines of Excel data to produce a really in-depth analysis of British cardiologists on Twitter. It's quite fun appearing the British Journal of Cardiology not as a co-author nor citation but as part of the study! Does this make me a datum?

Most followed UK cardiologists by other UK cardiologists

I had not met Sarah when she did this work but she is one of the many people I have got to know via social media. I am full of praise for its benefits for anyone in science or medicine but without studies like this or far less impressive ones I did with some friends a while ago, we would not be able to back up our assertions with evidence. It may not be hard science but it is quantifying a major shift in how education takes place. Thank you Sarah for your work!

The benefits of social media in science - Rohin Francis
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