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Leonardo was even more of a genius than you thought

At long last, after almost a world record in procrastination, I have made my first YouTube video! I hope the first of many more to come on my YouTube channel which, like my Twitter and here, is going to be focussed on the coolest biology and medical science.


Take pity on my sorry self-esteem and like the video and subscribe to the channel. I'll only ask once*.


This particular video concerns a true one of a kind, Leonardo da Vinci. He became one of my absolute idols when I discovered his anatomical sketches years ago. More recently I learnt about how obsessed he became with the heart and was simply blown away when I learnt how he predicted the function of the sinus of Valsalva. Most cardiologists today don't know, despite all of us practicing in the 21st century with a wealth of modern technology that was unavailable to ol' Leo. This video explains his prediction and how we've demonstrated that he was right.

* - per video

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