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Good medicine, bad jokes. Which is usually better than the other way round.

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My name is Dr Rohin Francis and I am a cardiologist in the UK. I trained in London and Cambridge and I am currently undertaking a PhD at University College London.


I make YouTube videos concentrating on topics that don't get covered elsewhere like offbeat science, understanding why modern medicine doesn't always work, or forgotten chapters of history. Then I ruin it all by crowbarring in as many bad jokes as I can. Studies have shown that watching is associated with a 400% relative risk increase of becoming a more fragrant human being (actual risk increase 0.002%).

Please don't ask for medical advice as I cannot give any online. Nothing I say is medical advice. How do you even know I'm a doctor? I'm just an early IBM Watson prototype that went horribly wrong.

Please do not use any material without asking permission. ​ This site features anonymised scans of patients, all of whom have kindly allowed their images to be shared for educational purposes. Patient information has been altered, fictionalised or amalgamated.

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Rohin Francis hosting YouTube Educon

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